Get Control Over Your Dog and Learn How To Stop A Dog From Biting

Does your dog partake in the act of biting you and your guests on a regular basis? Do you notice your dog biting to get your attention? If you have a biting dog, it’s natural to feel aggravated by the canine’s behavior.  But, what you may not know is that they may not realize that what they’re doing is disrespectful.

It’s why scolding a dog doesn’t work. By scolding them, it only reinforces the negative behavior, leading them to do it constantly. Do you want to know how to stop a dog from biting effectively?

Biting For Your Attention

If you want to avoid an aggressive dog, you need to give them some motivation, and this motivation needs to be carried out in their language. When your dog bites you, scream loudly. By screaming, your dog realizes that he/she’s hurt you because of their action. The last thing your canine friend wants to do is hurt their owner.

If you can’t find it in you to scream, consider growling.

By repeating the screaming or growling behavior (on your part), your dog will understand that biting hurts and they’ll want to stop.

Playful Biting

If you and your canine are in playful banter, it’s not uncommon for a dog to bite. If you want to stop your dog from biting, you need to quit playing at that moment. When you quit playing after the bite, it’s a signal to them that they shouldn’t bite you. Don’t encourage the biting behavior by still playing after they bite. Your dog won’t understand that biting is a bad thing and will continue the action. It sends wrong signals to them, and you must discourage the biting behavior if you are to nip it in the bud.

Most people are under the assumption that dogs bite before they are ferocious, but all dogs want to do is play. It’s why you need to clearly understand how to stop a dog from biting. Keep an ever watchful eye on them and notice when they become playful. Don’t go rolling on the floor with your dog, as they’ll believe you’re in the pack and will bite you without thinking.

And, if you notice you’re not having any luck breaking your dog’s biting behavior, consider the assistance of a dog trainer or get an effective dog training program such as The Online Dog Trainer. It’s a complete guide that will help you to effectively teach your dog that biting is a bad thing and get them to stop the negative behavior.

You know your dog biting you is bad, but your dog biting someone else – even if he or she is trying to play – is dangerous. Learn how to stop a dog from biting by getting help from a reputable source.

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